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Pista Barfi

Probably funny to only a very few people.


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If you need bulk minced meat I got you

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Depending on your personal inclination, this photo, taken minutes
after my previous post, will either make you appreciate CA more or
reinforce your negative opinion. The guy called it 'ridable art',
which, again, may influence you in either direction.


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California, why are you so crazy?

Spray tanning at the beach?
I'm at a starbucks (waiting for a craigslist ride) that is basically
in a parking lot of a grocery store and has a drive-thru. Is this the
pinacle of human civilization? Is this our culture?


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I may not be happy about setting the clocks back and knowing that
winter is around the corner, but I have to admit being a little
excited about changes in the weather.

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‘Twas the night before

At the check-in for 508 for the 3rd year and it's hard to comprehend
that I'm the one racing on my own! Seeing lots of people we know and
joking about per usual.

Since I'm all high tec and posting via my phone, I thought I'd balance
it with my low tec map of what's important in Santa clarita.

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New Swarm! slogan

After some criticism that ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ is actually our stop sign policy, we’ve reached consensus that our new slogan, inspired by the restaurant below, is ‘Can’t Stop, Naan Stop’.


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