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5 layers

This screw must of been sitting perfectly in a pothole. Went through
the tire, tire liner, both sides of the tube and even the rim strip.

This was a few weeks ago and since then I've done a number on this
wheel. I should know that entry-level road wheels aren't a good option
for commuting. Whoops.

Spring cleaning of bikes and bike parts definitely in order.


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Love the San Gabriels

Took an out-of-towner and someone who recently purchased a mnt bike (a
rigid single-speed 29er!) out for some riding. Good old Sunset ridge
and El Prieto. Fine rewards for nearly two hours of climbing.

Here Mike climbs back up to the trail after taking a turn a little too
wide. Yes, that's him way down there. And yes, he is wearing jeans and
a flannel.

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More symbolism

Gotta get a bit more organized than this.


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What next?

It’s great to have friends that are down for anything: cycling,
searching out difficult vegan Ital restaurants, not drinking but
hanging out in bars till 3am, long-winded political discussions and
setting xmas trees on fire at a party in Bed-Stuy on nye eve.
Out with 2008!

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Tall-bar bike

I'm not worried about the economy when there are people who make bikes
like this around.

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Baby elephant

I hope Nicolas doesn't mind me posting this. Just wanted to further
the stereotype of single-speed mountain bikers and tattoos. Oh and
also because I think it is awesome.


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Full circle

For the holidays I hope y'all are spending time with friends and fam,
eating great food, seeing new places, exploring new ideas and planning
an unbelievable 2009.
I'm still trying to comprehend 2008 and all that it entailed. I've
been super fortunate and have to thank everyone who made it all
possible. Peace.


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