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yes, there is a wallride in the woods in a magical place called mammoth

Just returned from back-to-back trips, one of which was Mammoth for some mountain biking. I’ve got photos, etc from the day we rented big hit bikes and got lift tickets (thanks Stephen!), but couldn’t wait to post this video from us playing around the morning before we left. This is a trail called shotgun that we rode to from our friend’s house. This just exists in the woods! Unbelievable.

While we were ‘sessioning’ this lip to wall these dudes on crazy DH bikes and full gear would come roaring down the trail. Every time we’d start yelling for them to hit the wall ride, but only like 1 out of 4 would. How could you pass this up?

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What’s distracting me this morning

Reading is something I look forward to every day. Like my friend Stephen says, ‘His writing is better than what multiple cycling magazines with editors can produce.’ I agree. Yesterday’s post discusses death and how cyclists occupy a middle ground,
‘…the death membrane has extraordinary wicking properties, so sometimes all you need to do is touch it in order to wind up on the other side of it in a puff of vapor like an evaporating bead of sweat.’

On one hand we use every bit of caution available riding to and from where we need to go to avoid death. Then I watch something like the video below (ripped from Trackstar(r) they should put two r’s on there Gangstarr style) and I see how others walk right up to it and say, ‘I don’t give a shit, I’ll tailwhip out of a manual and 360 both ways down stairs.’

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