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Best of 2010: Party-Hustle-Pancakes-Zarathustra

I’m a little slow,  I admit it. While better bloggers were re-capping there ‘best of 2010’ I’m here doing it near mid-January. And, honestly, I hope to get them up before February! Such is life.  What I would like to … Continue reading


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Thus Climbed Zarathustra

From our good friend Stephen, the organizer of this and previous versions: An urban cyclocross ride/race through the Eastside of Los Angeles where participants pedal to stairways, portage their bike and climb ’em, before heading to the next one. It’s … Continue reading


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Thus Climbed Zarathustra

Stephen Krchmer, the infamous journalist, put on a benefit race that was half alley-cat, half cyclo-cross. After a run-to-the-bike start you had to follow the route slip to a set of stairs, where you would hoist your bike up on … Continue reading

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Feel My Legs, I’m a Racer will be Sunday November 9th, 2014

Excited to finally confirm the date for this year’s event. We’ll meet at the normal spot, Sunset Triangle Park in Silver Lake, at 745am. For some resources see the summary from 2013 or my Feel My Legs category with the … Continue reading


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Swarm! events for 2010 is down (as is the Bikerowave site) because the server was hacked, but I didn’t want to wait to get these dates out. I’ll have more specifics for each event up soon. Photos and details of previous years via … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Fat ‘training camp’ Dec 16-20th

Update 2: Friday Day3 route. Ride to the ride from Sunset blvd and Griffith Park blvd (Silver Lake farmers market location) leaving at 730. Update:Day 1 route and join us for a 655-755am yoga class at Urth Yoga on 2809 … Continue reading

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If you stare into the abyss long enough the abyss stares back at you.

Our friend Stephen Krcmar, who obviously has an advanced degree in English or some other field where you read a lot, organized, again, Thus Climbed Zarathustra, the cyclocat alleycross. What a great concept for a race: you ride to staircases, … Continue reading

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