Salad Perspective

I eat giant salads:


For most people salad consists of a pittance of iceberg lettuce, gross tomatoes and a few uninspired cucumber slices. Boring and far from a meal. Heck, I was one of those people still many years after I went vegan. I’m not sure what changed, as it has been gradual and painless- enjoyable even- but somewhere along the way my ideas progressed.

And I have to remember this in my work. When I say ‘salad’ what I picture and what others picture can be drastically different.


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7 responses to “Salad Perspective

  1. Ok come on? I just get back from a run and what do I have in front of my face, your huge amazing salad! Off to make one myself!

  2. Kristabel

    I cringe (mentally…..I hope) when I go to a someone’s home and they say “Don’t worry Kristabel, I made you a salad.” Because it usually consist of the sad three ingredients you mentioned. It really takes a lot for me to want to eat a salad outside of these times, but yours looks really good.

  3. Amy

    Is that a normal sized laptop next to that ginormous bowl? Looks like a delicious meal to me, but I am not at the point that I can eat that much salad at one time – yet!

  4. kipwinger

    I’m a big fan of big salads. I’m a fan of “but the kitchen sink” type meals (salads, oatmeal, stir fry, etc.). Although starting from scratch, big salads with tons of ingredients can be quite pricy, if you already have things on hand, just a pinch of this and that goes a long way. Spinach, almonds, sesame seeds, nutritional yeast, avocadoes, raisins, vinagrette, brocolli, cherry tomatoes, red peppers, walnuts, etc. etc. etc. S’all good!

  5. Dan Prisk

    I know it seems a bit odd to talk about salad “recipes”, but I’d love to see some sort of ‘Matt approved salad ingredients’ list to get some ideas for salads. For some reason I always seem to go blank when buying salad ingredients without some sort of guide.

  6. Just made salad for lunch: silver beet, cucumber, capsicum, cherry tomatoes, onion, mint, parsley, basil, chickpeas, olives and balsamic.