I was in a coffee shop in Costa Mesa and saw a kid with a ‘vegan
power’ tattoo. Made me reminisce on the mid-90’s. He was young-ish
too, a nice reminder that the kids are still into it. I forget
Then later we saw this raw vegan donut at Mother’s Market in HB.
Remember when vegan donuts were the holy grail?? I’m not saying this
was good, it wasn’t worth the $4 to find out, but the fact it exists
kinda blows me away.
I did have chicken taquitos for lunch, also a novelty, and two
interesting snacks from the deli: shrimp cerviche and raw apple pie.
All vegan, of course.
Enjoyed at the beach with fond memories of HB being the first
California city I ever visited (1996) and the city I set off from on
my first bike tour- 3300 miles to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (2001).

Time: hard to comprehend.

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