Death and Dancing

My Google Reader is poppin this morning. First this post with a chart outlining that the number one killer of children is motor vehicles. Number one. Think about that. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tells us that in 2007 over 41,000 total people were killed by automobiles. What makes it all the more tragic is that we take this as ‘normal’. Well, life is dangerous and we have to drive, right? No, we don’t have to. We’ve just spent the previous 60 years giving space and priority to moving automobiles as fast as possible. This has to change. And it is. Slowly.

Folks do what they can. For some in Oakland it’s this dance for their friend who was killed in a car at this corner.

Here’s a little news story about it and the Turf website.

What’s your dance? Get out there and do it.

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  1. Found your site cause you linked me. Awesome site. I'm vegan too. Sad story, but some great art came of it. I'm going to repost over at my blog.Cheers,Browne Molyneux