Idleness and dissipation breed apathy

24 hours of Boggs today! 11am to 11am. With new bike, awesome. Without
any crew or friends racing, less awesome. It was a great course last
year and suuposedly there's even more single track. As my first 24hr
race last year I got 4th out of 8 single speed, but something like 9th
out of 45 overall. I like the time and the looped course rarely feels
repetitive, but it's hard mentally to push when there's no 'end'. It
got me at Cool 24 this year when I stopped cause I was cold (haha) and
fell asleep…

Maybe I'll shoot for a distance to keep me going? 200 miles? A double
century on my mountain bike would be a first.

I'll try to update the Swarm! Twitter occasionally. Also, a prize if
you can name the album the title of this post is from. Hint: I had the
t-shirt in high school.


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2 responses to “Idleness and dissipation breed apathy

  1. Bad Religion, and I'd love to try one of these sometime. Keep me posted.

  2. Nice riding! Wish that S and I made it up. We did a "social" 100k SF Rando ride this morning. Hope to make it to part of the RRR next weekend.