Badwater Ultra-marathon

I’m here helping with the Badwater 135-mile Ultra-marathon and the top runners are finishing- just over 24 hours after they started. I’m updating regularly on the Swarm! twittersphere and there’s always the AdventureCORPS webcast (run from where I’m sitting right now).

The distances these runners cover and the landscape they cross…there really are few words to describe it. Driving the course at 4am and seeing folks running up hill, so touching! I get all choked up seeing people look confident and smiling after running 100 plus miles. In Death Valley. In the summer.

Yep, a pink tutu. He rules. Pennsylvania native and past finisher!

Los Angeles native and past champion Jorge Pacheco running up Townes Pass

Last years champion Farinazzo getting the full pit crew treatment on Townes Pass
Jorge descending Townes pass

A top five racer gets an ice bath before taking on the last 13 miles to Whitney Portal


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2 responses to “Badwater Ultra-marathon

  1. that photo of the man in the cooler looks sooo comfortable

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