Stairways to Heaven race Screening

Say what you will about ‘fixed gear culture’ and its obsession with filming itself. I agree. I read Bike Snob NYC too! But the kids behind this film are rather earnest and their intentions are good. I’ve seen parts of it and it’s definitely better than similar ones.
My bias may be that I won. I didn’t get most of the prizes (different kids put it on then made the film) because afterward was our annual Thanksgiving vegan potluck, Circle of Dead Pilgrims and I missed the drunken fixed gear freestyle fest where they were given out. Our dinner was Italian-themed, so it was probably worth it. Anyway, check out the screening if this sort of event interests you.

Stairways to Heaven-Preview from The Bicinity on Vimeo.

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  1. the kids who put on the race, TOLA, are a bunch of dbags that shit talk each other behind backs. ive never met a group of kids that talk so much shit about their friends.i saw them give away your winnings. they said you disrespected them by not hanging around for the prizes. bs.the film preview looks great though.