Tempeh and Quinoa salad on a ride

Rode the 138-mile Mt Shasta Super Century yesterday at the culmination of the AdventureCORPS Shasta CORPScamp. This was the post-ride meal!

I love Northern California! I take back anything bad I said about hippies in high school. Or last week.


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2 responses to “Tempeh and Quinoa salad on a ride

  1. Hi Matt have been enjoying your pics and posts since discovering your blog via a comment on deannas blog.I also just ordered a copy of eat!sleep?bike! but then noticed that sasha edge hasn't logged in for almost a year. do you know if is still available or do you have an up to date contact? I have been vegan for 20 + years and just getting back into mtbing via my youngest son. take care / stay aware iain