Chantry Flats

First mtb ride of the year
Long, technical single track
New to me trails
Super friendly hikers
Hanging out
Jack learning the manual trans pop-start

Less than sweet:
Crashing. First in years. Bmx-style wall ride didn't work out
Huge packs of mountain bikers
100's of hikers
Max forgetting his bike shoes and not being able to ride
Dead car battery


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2 responses to “Chantry Flats

  1. id imagine the line up of people pushing a car to pop start it, jack would be on the pushing end. the other night on my ride home i helped a pair of latino dudes pop start their pickup, though before i started pushing i threw my bike in the bed assuming the added muscle would get me driven somewhere. after we got the truck started i found out pushing does not equal free ride, and they were going the opposite direction. oh well.

  2. wait. jack forgets his shoes, not max!