Not no whip

I stole this from HTATBL, who apparently got it from this person.
Yes, autoworkers’ jobs are important. But how many examples do we need to see that Laissez Faire capitalism is a total fucking farce and that huge top-heavy corporations with extravagant CEO salaries are, and have always been, taking money right out of our pockets?

I’m pissed!

Back to posts about bikes and bike riding soon. Probably. I hope.


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2 responses to “Not no whip

  1. I think a condition of the auto makers bailout is the top 100 paid people in each company lose their job. I’m sure they’ll still have plenty. Actually I’m not convinced we should have bailed them out.I got laid off a couple weeks ago and the government hasn’t bailed me out yet.

  2. screw bikes and exercise, i want more trash talking! weblog about something that will make me laugh and angry at the same time.