37hr 20min

Could not of done it without my exceptional crew. Thanks Morgan, Chris
and Budge!
Now to sleep 44 hours after waking up yesterday.


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5 responses to “37hr 20min

  1. Congratulations! The 508 is one tough race.

  2. Great job out there Matt. I didn’t realize you were racing this year until I saw you on Friday. 🙂 Congratulations!Brandy

  3. could not HAVE done it…(i know it sounds like “of” when you say it, especially if its could not’ve done it – and we know you are burnt to a mother fuckin crizzow) Way to go DUDE…I can’t imagine rding 509 miles in a row. I am burnt after 125. I don’t even know you, but I never had a doubt you would make it. RESPECT.