State College continued

After the dumb pipeline cut our ride short we got back to the prius and into town for food. Burritos? My favorite joint- Burritos as Big as Your Head- is long gone, but we spied another taqueria. We park right in front, surprisingly, and an older guy comes out and says, ‘How’ve you been? Welcome back.’ I don’t know this dude. His taco shop wasn’t there last I was in State College, let alone 7 years ago when I lived there. wtf?
Mediocre burritos made by the slowest, stoned white boy who has ever made a burrito. And I think it was his first. We spent the rest of the night looking at girls discussing if being thin and wearing black-rimmed glasses made us look gay.

Tuesday: After a long chill session at the local coffee shop, Webster’s, we decided to ride bikes.

Rode about 4 hours on the Stoopid 50 course.

Our 56.2 MPG whip. 1300 miles on less than $100

4 hours of single track with no overlap

All the technical riding would set me up for the Shenandoah 1oo course

Back in State College we jumped on the ‘530 ride’ which leaves from the Atherton Bridge and heads to some woods a few miles from campus. Was a fast ride. Inside it was technical and what I would call, using a new-to-me term, ‘rake and ride’. I hadn’t refilled water and was pretty burned out after one lap. The fast people did three. I jumped on with another single speeder to get two in. He’d later take us to the local cool shop, Freeze Thaw.

Later we hit up my favorite Indian restaurant of all-time, India Pavilion. Then we looked at girls some more, went a bar that is now smoke-free and hung out with Steevo’s bike racer friends.

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  1. I miss Burritos as Big as Your Head and India Pavillion.