Like skateboarding, but with mountain bikes

Today I leave for Pittsburgh for a 10-day mountain bike trip in Pennsylvania and Virginia with Steevo. But we are not riding! I mean, we are riding spots, but we are driving to them. Totally lame, right? I keep having to explain that our purpose is to ride good mountain bike trails not travel by bicycle. It’s an easy assumption for people to make considering him and I probably have close to 20,000 combined bike touring miles. This is like when we were BMX kids, like he says on his post about our trip.

The trip wraps up with the Shenandoah 100 near Harrisonburg, VA. You know, the race that Floyd Landis got 3rd in last year.


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2 responses to “Like skateboarding, but with mountain bikes

  1. Good luck on Shannon Doherty. Any god-fearing sane person would quiver at the thought of riding her for 24 hours.

  2. Don’t forget about the most important part of the trip — lunch in the Valley on Wednesday with your favorite friends!! 🙂