Can’t stop, won’t have an extra $381

I got a red light ticket today! On Boyle and Olympic right in front of the Sears Building. Bummer.
It’s such an easy light to go right on red because:

1. You have a clear line of cross traffic, 2. You are going slightly downhill, 3. the Westbound lane of Olympic is really wide.

It’s totally safe!

I don’t know what is worse: The usual jerk cop or the one that is super friendly and almost apologetic. There was not much disagreement about what happened (unlike my taking the lane ticket three years ago) and he said because I was in such a rush he would write quickly so that I’d be on my way. His biggest concern seemed to be about the ‘danger’ of splitting lanes (riding in the space between two lanes of traffic) and hitting the intersection at about 15 MPH. I guess a warning was not a possibility.


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7 responses to “Can’t stop, won’t have an extra $381

  1. man that sucks, i can’t believe they have time on their hands to give tickets to bikers!

  2. Looks like I am not the only one who had a recent run in with the law. Alex from reports on a situation from the last Crank Mob ride. So many people think that unless you are a professional racer, bike riding is childish. How sad for them.

  3. Trust me, Matt, most people don’t think much of professional racers either, unless they happen to be named Lance. These days, when a cop or anyone else shows me much respect, they usually turn out to be riders themselves.

  4. damn. try to postpone that ticket as long as you can and when you have to go to court hope the cop doesnt show up.

  5. i got one of the CRANK Mob tickets. the lesson i learned that night- if an officer asks if you want a ticket say “no”.

  6. that makes two of us with the #381 red light special.

  7. It’s not as bad as public urination on angeles crest. Punishable by a fine of $50 and to have to register as a sex offender.