Lots of chicks at our BBQ


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  1. I appreciate your comment on my blog. However, the reason I am not in support of national health care is because it simply doesn’t work. Look at Canada. It takes months to see a specialist there. There is a nine-month waiting period on pregnancies. That’s right, you have to tell the government when you plan to conceive. America’s health care system is not perfect, but it IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD. People are required to receive treatment regardless of their financial situation. That’s the short answer. Email me if you want a longer answer.

  2. whats up there duckkillerdan,im very much on the fence when it comes to health care, however to call americas health care system the greatest in the world is a bit of a stretch isnt it?perhaps canada expects its citizens to be responsible when planning a family, but i doubt they would deny care to someone who didnt tell them they were expecting 9 months a head of time. wish i could say the same about american health care. for the few who do have health care, there is a lot of fine print and regulations which prevent them from receiving the care they desire(maybe a complaint in canada, but at least everyone is covered).ive had a personal experience where my health care provider (blue cross)didnt cover my visit to the ER. no reason why. i spent hours on the phone with them and they just refused paperwork and payment for 3 years til creditors came after me. my mother has had coverage for decades. she recently became very ill and her health care provider(blue cross), after 6 months, stop payment on some very important meds(without reason or warning) and she was left without options. this was 1 month ago and her condition isnt improving. do these problems exist in canada? i dont think so.additionally, i have a canadian friend who got in a minor motorcycle accident. he didnt receive 4star health care, but they did repair his injury and took care of him. thats all most of us ask, is when were sick, to take care of the problem and not jerk us around when were vulnerable. unfortunately, this is not the case in america.btw, i know its easy to poke fun at canadas healthcare, but there are many many countries which have excellent national care. one of them is japan. if you want to know more about how their health care system(not just cars) are light years ahead of americas, let me know.