Skateboarding is cooler than triathlons

I think that is obvious.

But I am going to go further and say that it is also much, much more difficult to master the skills needed and there is far more pain involved. And watching it can get you way more stoked (on anything) than watching, well, anything else. Jamie Thomas’ part in Welcome to Hell (Toy Machine) has always been one of my favorite parts in a video, ever. Is this almost ten years ago? Also note that him doing the railslide barefooted was part of an ad campaign about making skate shoes that weren’t leather. Get stoked.


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2 responses to “Skateboarding is cooler than triathlons

  1. Consider me stoked!

  2. Budge and I saw this awesome place in Santa Barbara called the Church of Skatan. It’s an old church converted into something useful: a skate shop.