Ride to the Ride

Ride to the Ride!

The Great Eddy Merckx was asked what three things
someone could do to be a better cyclist and he said
“Ride your bike, ride your bike, ride your bike”

Riding to the ride not only increases your mileage, fitness and experience, but each time you replace a car trip with a bike trip you:

Increase the visibility of cyclists: making the roads safer for everyone
Decrease pollution and smog: improving our air quality

Join us in improving the air and roads for cyclists by leaving your motor vehicle at home.

For more information on traveling by bike, see bikenow.org or the LA Bike Coalition’s Solution Revolution page.
This is a project brought to you by Swarm!

We need more bicycles in the streets. Who better to target than people already riding their bikes? The bicycle is far more than a recreational toy and I want to share that with others. Above is the text for a small flyer I am making to put on cars at the start of rides (or in Griffith Park, etc). I appreciate any feedback.


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4 responses to “Ride to the Ride

  1. I like it. The postcard wont have hyperlink so you might want to put the LACBC website like you did for cicle.

  2. Hey, Matt! I’d like to send you a blogger invitation to a vegan athlete group blog, if you’re interested… I’m thinking it could be a forum to chat & share training & nutrition info in a more specific setting. E-mail your e-mail address (click on the e-mail button on my “about me” page). -Jen

  3. I never really understood why people got in a car to go a few miles to the gym where they would ride a stationary bike and watch TV. Is “spinning” just like riding a fixed gear? Sometimes when I have my bike shoes on people ask me if I’ve just come from “spinning.” The other day a door-to-door meat salesman rang the bell to see if he could sell me some steak, too. I guess people really aren’t all on “the same page.” “Ride to the ride” is a catchy phrase, like it lots. See you later. I’m heading to catch a plane so I can go for a swim. I can’t swim to the swim, you know.

  4. interesting project! I could take a few and put them around NYC, although I’m sure you already have a NYC contingent.