Cheap. Timely. Convenient. Pick two.

Some person in the bike industry once said, ‘Light, strong, cheap, pick two.’ and I’ve found it be accurate most of the time. Does it have application outside of bike parts? I think so. As I plan my five weeks in Europe, 7 years after I first went, I am finding myself trying to force convenience without comprising time and expense. While this time I probably will not be sleeping under skateboard ramps or in the scaffoldings of buildings, I still do not want to drop a grip of money I don’t have for comfort. Where is that balance? Is comfort the fourth variable? Do I get to pick three then or still only two? Last summer’s trip, which was 4 weeks on the Great Divide cost Steevo and I fraction of what most people probably spend (our total costs for lodging was $14. Combined.).
Double centuries after sleeping under a park bench, cool. But a full-iron triathlon? Probably not a good idea. What would the 17-year old me do?


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6 responses to “Cheap. Timely. Convenient. Pick two.

  1. I recommend you not wear the shirt you wore for the iron-man for the rest of your journey. And if you do, don’t continue to wear it once you get back to PA, especially not if we’re going to go visit Fillebrown.;)

  2. You were asking what the 17-year-old (maybe 22-year-old) you would do, right?

  3. matt, stop being greedy and just choose the easiest/convenient one. jeez.

  4. hey Matt!Im heading out to California this week. will you be around? when do you head out for your Europe trip? I miss you! it would be great to catch up-even though you are light years ahead of me! Your brother from a different mother, Boaz.

  5. Just found your blog thru your fellow blogger jenny. I enjoyed reading it ’cause I’m wishing I still had my bike and could be out there too.Way cool. Good luck in Europe.

  6. I think the 17 year old you would stay at a friend’s place, and save the whole expense, but with all the comfort. Just an idea.