Couch surfing: An extreme sport GRE question

I slept in five different places in six nights. It’s mostly pretty fun. Wake up in El Segundo, drink a kale/cocoa shake with raw Alec before running on the beach. Go to sleep in South Central, after being called a pig twice in one day. Slept six deep in the Heliotrope Village warehouse where the bike to room ratio is 20:1. I was going to head to the East Coast in mid-June, but got a temporary position I could not pass up. Am here till mid-July with no permanent home. Many of us have done it at some point in our lives, but this time it is complicated by not having a car and training for that pesky triathlon.

My stuff is in six different places. If it’s Tuesday morning and I am going to work I need to have my goggles and swim cap if I have a swim planned for Wednesday night. So far only once I’ve had to borrow bike shorts for a road ride or buy a dress shirt on the way to work. You start to look at space/time differently when you have to think 36-48 hours in advance and know where what will be when. My bag is always full. I’ve left my commute bike in my office to take a train to my road bike (I was leaving my road bike some where else and needed the commute bike to be there the next work day).

Without your help I could not attain Maslow’s D-Needs. Thanks fam.

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  1. does that mean you will be in the LA area around July 19th then? i’m feeling very stoked about being there…