Lisez moins, vivez plus

So this past week we moved out of the A-partment. And I have a billion things due for school. While being homeless. Also time to start training for that full iron in August. So, Paul, my apologies for not having completed my Great Divide posts. I swear I’ll have pictures and stories up before it has been one year since.
For now, check out that Race Across America starts this Sunday. The race is now put on by the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association and they promise to have better media. Will Chew’s views stay? Once someone asked me, ‘When will it be enough? What distance?’ To answer: I have no intention of ever doing RAAM. To paraphrase Bob Knoll about things everyone should do in their life, ‘You should ride across america, you should not race across america.’ Though this week I got the confirmation that I am racing a RAAM qualifier this year, which would be the 508 in October. Whoa!
Some updates on recent events with pictures, etc soon. Still have some time to waste? Read Foucault’s wiki page and send me a 500 word summary. Thanks.

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