Griffith park is not an ashtray

I am in Griffith Park at least three times a week; it is an amazing spot with great roads for cycling (some closed to cars) and seemingly endless trails for running. It’s only four miles from my house. I had heard that the fire was contained on Tuesday afternoon after burning only 20 acres. We came out of a Greek restaurant on Pico/Normandie Tuesday around dusk and as soon as we turned north to walk back to the house, we could see the line of flames outlining the ridge. I guess the report I read was slightly optimistic. According to this article, over 800 acres have burned. Often I see animals, including coyotes and snakes when I am out running. Fuck. I want to get up there and see how bad the damage is, then again I don’t. What would be nice is if the golf courses burned down and they didn’t bother to fix them.

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