I’m a Jerk (another broken bike post).

Dear Budge,
I know I shouldn’t of taken your bike without your permission, but my fixed is broken and I needed to be on one for the Team Bonobo photo shoot for the new video. I was really careful with it, even when doing those wallrides on 7th street. Dropping in on it did not seem like that big of a deal because I was already getting near the top. I should of pulled it clean, but I guess it being a little big and the fact that I haven’t ridden fixed recently kept that from happening. Now you have a broken frame. After peeling my face off of the sidewalk I kept asking why I had your bike and what I was doing. It didn’t make any sense in my concussion-induced haze and it still does not. The bitter taste of blood in my mouth when I woke up the next morning was a gruel reminder of my fuck up. They don’t make camouflage to hide my aching pain. Years from now I want you to remember me as your fun housemate who always cooked up good food, not the jerk that took your Olmo and broke it. Please forgive me. Love, Matt

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  1. I love your blog.