Knoxville double century

Here’s a quick summary:
We didn’t leave LA till 7pm, therefore we arrived in Davis around 2am.
Slept for a few hours at Tim’s place (same as for Mt Tam!).
Got to the start late and were the last two to leave.
Spent all day being playing catch-up; barely made the lunch cut-off.
My cassette fell off at one point (don’t ask).
We miss a turn b/c it was marked poorly, and rode 14 miles out of the way, round trip.
The sweep SAG missed us cause we were off-route.
The checkpoint with our lights and warm clothes was closed and gone.
Riding downhill in the dark and cold sucks: You want to go faster to warm up, but you can’t see shit.
Eventually we get in touch with the organizers and they say they have to come get us.
We wouldn’t finish till 3am if we rode on.
Super cold waiting for them.
My first DNF on a ride, ever.
Happy Birthday!

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