Though you wouldn’t know it here in chilly, rainy Los Angeles, Spring has arrived. This is very exciting but also makes me a little anxious! I’ve a pretty even split in my lifestyle between working hard in the winter- working as in someone giving me money in exchange for my time and energy- and working on fun in the summer. Fall and Spring make me anxious because I’m still doing one while fretting about the other! Can you say #firstworldproblems? When I was 16 and had the brilliant idea to quit my Subway job and pay an even younger kid in the neighborhood to do my paper route for the summer while I traveled the country to ride BMX.  Unbeknownst that 16 years later I’d have the same philosophy.

So. I’ve been working a lot. Still traveling a lot when I can. And most importantly getting ready for some big adventures. One is sooner than I’d like it to be, but such is life. What is it? A long post on that very soon. Let’s just say that I’ve had to purchase a GPS device, new lighting systems and lightweight camp gear.  For now, here’s some links that I’ve come across while working. Enjoy. Have an awesome first full weekend of Spring!

-Praise the Lard? Recent research shows that going to church events increases one’s risk of obesity.

-A New Model Streets Manual to Rewrite Los Angeles’ “DNA” A public health oriented approach to streets and urban design. Streets are for people!

-Why Angelenos Should Take the Bus More Often

-UN Says Eat Less Meat to Curb Global Warming An oldie but goody. You see this, environmentalists?

-Climate Chief Lord Stern: Give Up Meat to Save the Planet Same.

-The Los Angeles Bicycle Kitchen has a new website

-Everyone should be following the Middle Eastern uprising on Al Jazeera

-My friend Aidan made it 1100 miles to Nome in 17 days, 9 hours and 15 minutes in the Alaska Iditarod Invitational which was good enough for 2nd place and 1st (ever!) single speed.



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  1. MikeF

    Please tell me this GPS, lightweight gear, and new lighting set up = Ride the Divide