2011 Feel My Legs, I’m A Racer, April 10th 745am

It’s official! This race will be held on Sunday April 10th. It’s the same day as CicLAvia, which we’ll enjoy when we’re done.

Meet at Sunset Blvd and Griffith Park Blvd, where the Farmers Market is on Saturdays at 745am.

If you are unfamiliar, this is a stage ‘race’ on 10 of the hardest hills in Los Angeles. We ride as a group between hills and then each hill is its own race with points awarded for 1st through 5th. We re-group and ride together to the next hill. It’s based on Danny Chew’s Dirty Dozen. Most riders are out there just to accomplish all 10 hills in one day, which is no small feat. The write-up from 2010 has lots of info and links as does the Feel My Legs tab on my site. Please familiarize yourself with the event’s history to get an idea of how fun and challenging it is. I’ll be posting more info in the upcoming weeks!

Previous year’s route, which will likely stay the same:



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11 responses to “2011 Feel My Legs, I’m A Racer, April 10th 745am

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  7. any idea what time we will be at bottom of climb 7? before 11:30?

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